Course Grading

30% - FEMA courses - take 6 FEMA Independent Study courses for a 5% course credit up to 30% total (6 courses):
  • Some recommended courses include 100,139,144,200,208,247,700,704,775,800,802,992
  • Also consider taking courses for the Professional Development Series Certificate
  • Email copies of all certificates (in one email) to the instructor

20% - Topic evaluations / miscellaneous assignments
  • Fill out Topics SWOT forms for each class, and submit to your AI by each Friday.
  • Complete small miscellaneous assignments given in class

50% - Projects (60% project content, 20% presentation, 20% individual report)
  • Projects will be directed and mentored by Scott Drichel
  • Project title/topic to be decided by Friday Oct 25 (after project brainstorm / proposals)
  • Topics can involve design, software and hardware development
  • Project content will be graded based on creativity, innovation, impact, and execution.. it's OK to fail... or not be perfect
  • Project presentation and report will be graded based on how well the project content is communicated and critically assessed

Project/Topic List

Ambulance tablet - How could an iPad or Android Tablet be useful for paramedics and EMT's on an ambulance? What would be on there? What would it be used for?
Hazmat Tricorder - Check out Star Trek's Tricorder - is such a thing possible for Hazmat use? How would it look?
Social Media Emergency Dashboard - Create a dashboard that aggregates web resources, social media, and other resources (e.g. radio feeds) in a disaster - may be focused on a particular geographic area or emergency type.
Social Media analysis for the Boston Bombing - analysis of hashtag usage in the first 5 hours of the bombing
Emergency MESH Network - Practically prototype a Commotion MESH network for use in a local community for when internet infrastructure is down - see this article.
Virtual EOC - Create a virtual EOC with Adobe Connect (see e.g.
INFODER Videoscribe - make a VideoScribe video about any aspect of Informatics in Disasters and Emergency Response that interests you (maybe opportunities?)
Listening to multiple radio feeds - how well can people pick up information from multiple audio feeds?
Glerb learning session - just in time learning in emergencies using Glerb